Caterina Monda

PR & Communication Consultant 


ArtNoble was founded by Matthew Noble (1993) in London in the summer of 2018, with the aim of providing a programme dedicated entirely to the research of the most talented emerging artists, irrelevant of their background and medium, curating and organizing site-specific  exhibitions. ArtNoble’s mission  is to overcome the barriers and exclusivity typically associated with today’s art world, with the ultimate vision of connecting artists and their work to an ever-growing number of collectors and art enthusiasts. 

In 2021, ArtNoble establishes its first permanent gallery space in the city of Milano (Italy) as a result of an indepth research of the ever-growing Milanese art-scene. The gallery aims to act as a launch pad and catalyst for both national and international artists, giving them the opportunity and visibility to express their full artistic imagination. The particular focus on emerging Italian and international artists allows ArtNoble to create ever new intersections, as well as new and continuous encounters with the protagonists of contemporary art.

As Matthew Noble states, "the aim is to give back to the Milanese public a project by young people for young people".

Alberto Selvestrel, Senza Titolo #8, Dialogues

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Milan, Italy; New York City, USA